3D Animation

What is an Intro/Outro?

As the word suggests, intros are visuals that mark the beginning of a video. Likewise, outros are the closing visuals that appear at the end. The two are widely used in educational, entertaining, and commercial videos, webcasts, podcasts, corporate presentations, and the like.

Where to Place Intros and Outros

While it might seem self-evident that intros should be placed at the very beginning of a video, and outros at the very end, this is not always the case. Perhaps, you have seen one of those videos where the speaker jumps right to the topic without any introduction. Then, 20 seconds in, a logo animation appears, after which that same speaker goes on to elaborate on the topic.

Here’s an example of a modern and elegant logo animation, created with Renderforest:

3D Animation

  • Intro & Outro
  • Carton explanation
  • Motion graphics

Packaging & Labeling

  • Products Packaging
  • Products Mockup
  • Product labeling

3D Characters 

  • 3D Models¬† animation
  • 3D Product animation (for adds)
  • 3D Character Modeling