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What exactly is a LIMS?

Why can’t I use the LIS which comes with my HIMS? What is the difference between a LIMS system and a Lab Management Software? Why is it important to have a Lab Management software? These are questions that we frequently encounter while talking about NextGen’s LIMS/ Lab Management Software.

A LIMS is a Laboratory Information Management Solution. Simplified, this is a software that allows every step that you follow in your lab to be tracked and documented.

When a patient comes in, he is registered and allocated a unique identification number on the software. This allows you to pull up his details whenever you need then using this number or his mobile number or other parameters. His samples, when they are taken, are barcoded, to avoid any mix-up with another sample. The software automatically picks up the barcode. Each sample is allocated to a particular lab. Whenever a test is conducted, the materials used are automatically reduced from stock, with physical verification being conducted periodically. Reports are autogenerated and mailed/ texted to patients. MIS reports are available, which help to manage the lab. afghan Real’s LIMS systems are suitable for all types of labs, and we offer different products based on the size of the lab:

Afghan Real’s LIMS applications also allow for Equipment Integration. Our java-based LEIS engine allows us to read and write data onto lab equipment, thus allowing for a paperless laboratory.

Single User
  • Designed to be better easier to use
  • Automates the basic flow of a lab at a fraction of the price:
    • Registration
    • Billing
    • Sample collection
    • Result Enter
    • Approve Result
    • Print Result
    • Modify Result
  • Easy, CD based installation
  • Free remote support(bug fixing)
Multi User
  •  Next generation LIS for larger Labs
  •  Multilocation,multiuser,web-based access with access security
  •  All features of Single User LIS with possible additional add ons
    • Barcode integration
    • Web portal/mobile app
    • Email/SMS integration
    • Option for Sample Collection Centers
  •  Easy remote installation supported via teamviewer
  •  Free remote support(bug fixing)
Enterprise LIS
  •  Highly secure Enterprise Laboratori Information System
  •  Multilocation,multiuser,web-based access with access security
    • All features of standard LIS with:
    • Barcode integration
    • Web portal/mobile app(EDI)
    • Uni or bidirectional equipment integration(**)
    • Email/SMS integration
    • MIS reporting
    • Lab consumption / Inventory Management
Bi-Directional(Fully Automated)
  • SIEMENS Dimension EXL 200
  • Backman Coulter LH 750
  • Backman Access 2
  • System XT 2000i
  • Erba EM 360 TRANSASIA
  • Erba XL 640 TRANSASIA
  • Beckman Coulter AU 480
  • Abott Architect Plus-I2000
  • Cobas E411
  • Cobas 6000
  • SIEMENS ADVIA Centaure
Uni-Directional (Semi Automated)
  • Sysmex KX-21
  • Sysmex XP-100
  • Vidas 30 BIOMERIUX
  • Vitek 2 Compact
  • Robonik-Prietest Touch
  • 1980 Electrolyte Analyser
  • Mini Vidas
  • Bact Alert 3D
  • Sysmex XN-550
  • Roche 9180 Analyzer
  • Symex XS 800i

Benefits For You

Store patient’s health records securely in centralized database.

Easily track and search your patient records at any time, anywhere.

Find the nearest lab/diagnostic center.

Find discounted lab rate online.

Download/view your medical reports on your Device at any time

Pillbox for medicine schedule.

Book your appointment for sample collection.

share your reports with concern person easily.